Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival Has Gone Virtual

There is no doubt that 2020 has made an impact on all of us. Since this year has proven to be one like no other, we decided, in the spirit of keeping our runners, volunteers, organizers and our community safe, we are offering you a Virtual race like no other. We know you’ll miss the Pace Bears, the Lake views, the hills on the backside of the lake  (ok, maybe some of you won’t miss those entirely, but play along…), the Taiko drummers and our incredible finish line to cheer you on home. 

Our Virtual Race will “run” September 19-Oct 12, 2020. Why did we give you so long? To give YOU time to run and have fun as it best fits YOUR schedule. Want to run around the block once a day in a different costume and get your neighbors talking? Here’s your chance! Want to run in a tutu and a tiara?  Go for it! What about dressing like an ADK bear to get people smiling? Go for it!  (Just please don’t chase anyone up a tree.) 

See, that’s the point to this virtual race. We want you to have FUN! And we want you to capture the moment with a picture, and of course, share it with us and everyone else on social media. We all need something to smile about, right? And who knows, maybe you’ll make your local paper too.

So, the wooden hand carved Bears will be back next year, and we’ve tucked them in the den with a cool Paradox Beer to make them happy, but your running the virtual race will help to ensure their welfare.

We will send you a PDF Bib, you print that bad boy out and have fun on your run.   Run it in segments, break it up over days or run it at once – that’s all up to you! Just take pictures, submit the data (instructions will be available in early September) and the Adirondack Bear staff will have something special for you! 

Since you are already registered to run the Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival (AMDF) you have between now and August 5th to decide whether you want to run the AMDF Virtual race, request a deferral to 2021, convert your registration to a charitable contribution to the AMDF or request a refund. If you don’t take any action your registration will automatically go virtual at midnight August 5th.

We will open registration to the public at a discounted rate. However, only you, our current 2020 registered runners running the Virtual Race and those that donate their 2020 registration to the AMDF (a tax-deductible contribution) will receive a complimentary custom 2020 Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival Hoodie.  New virtual runners can purchase the hoodie for $25.00.

As we look to next year, our 25th Anniversary, we want you to be part of the celebration as we “Celebrate the Past and Look to the Future”. We thank you for running with us and we can’t wait to see you next year. Until then, enjoy our virtual races and we can’t wait to see how creative you can be!  Please: Be safe, Be socially distant and Be Beary, Beary careful.