Your Finish Line Moment...      Best Wild & Crazy Running Outfit!

The crowd, the music, the moment- You break the tape at the finish line and you raise your hands in a glorious victory!  A photographer captures the moment, your family is screaming your name, and the music is driving your soul- It’s all about you!  

Have you ever fantasized about a moment like this?  With an epic virtual race finish line, this moment CAN be yours, and let’s be totally real…it should be yours!  Well fantasize no more–make the moment happen!!!  Tell your family what you want, bribe the kids, talk to your social media networks and make it happen! 

That’s right: we are looking for the MOST CREATIVE finish line and or the Best Wild & Crazy Running Outfit for whatever race you run here at AMDF.  Remember that Social Distancing is still a must, but that has not stopped people from being super creative in supporting their runner.  Be sure to get a picture or two, share it to Instagram #adkmarathon or Facebook at Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival and our team of ADK Bears will scout for the most creative picture entry and they will be sent some special “vintage swag” in honor of their accomplishment.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

We’ve all heard the expression, “The early bird gets the worm.” For the virtual Adirondack Distance Festival experience, this expression also applies.  We are offering up some “vintage swag” to the firsts who submit their results in their running category. We all have a competitive spirit, and though we are not offering awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places this year, the Bears thought that this would be a fun way to fuel that competitive spirit! After you run, submit your data through your Active account and the bears in the den will be anxiously awaiting the results.

 How Many Miles Can You Get?

In the past, whether you were running a 2 or 4 Person Marathon Relay all the runners had to be at the same location.  With the “Virtual” and access to social media the running “team” can be anywhere.  And that’s where we think you can have some fun.  We want to recognize the 2 and 4 Person Marathon Relay teams with the most total miles AWAY from Schroon Lake, NY

Let me explain: 

A 2 Person team with one runner in Albany, NY and the second runner in Philadelphia would total 366 miles as the crow flies (according to Google).  A 4 Person Team with a runner in Albany, Philadelphia, St. Louis, MO., and San Diego, CA. would total 3735 miles as the crow flies.  So, get creative and think about a virtual team makeup.  You probably have friends, relatives or old school mates that are running and could be part of your team.

You can even make up the distances for each of the legs.  Runners don’t have to run the same or a predefined distance, just make sure it adds up to 26.2 miles.

Get Creative With Your Routes!

Would you consider yourself a vanilla type of runner? Or are you a hot fudge sundae? Or…are you the banana split with three flavors and different toppings? Let’s see if you can take that Vanilla running route and flavor it up to be a creative treat.

At the virtual Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival, there is no judgement for how you like to run. We do want to offer a challenge though: the bears at the Adirondack Distance Festival want to see your most creative course, and possibly be rewarded with some “vintage swag” for your efforts!

Think about it: you could say you started a half marathon on a treadmill, then transitioned to the road, then continued to a nearby trail, went back to the road and finished with 46 laps around your driveway. Yup, the neighbors would talk, but when you wear your finishers medal around your neck, you could be the talk of the town!  Maybe you can run a route that spells something out or you run every darn street in your area?

Never Too Old…Or Young

As runners we know that you are never too old to lace ‘em up and we’re out to prove that.  We will recognize our OLDEST, male and female, Marathon, 2 and 4 Person Marathon Relays (female, male and mixed teams) and Half Marathon finishers with some prized “vintage” swag. 

And not to leave the YOUNGER runners out, we will recognize the YOUNGEST, male and female *Marathon, 2 and 4 Person Relays (female, male and mixed teams) and Half Marathon finishers and provide them with the same “vintage” reward.  After you run, submit your information through your Active account and we will do the rest.  *Must be 16 years old on race day to run the Marathon.