Pace Bears

The Pace Bears cordially invite you to meet your marathon goals with the help of their Adirondack backwoods experience. Whether you are aiming for a 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15, or 5:30 finish, these bears are fully carbo loaded and ready to help you. Stop by the Expo to sign up, or feel free to join your preferred Bear at the start or anytime during the marathon.

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Paul Lee 3:45 Pace

“I’m very excited to be pacing the Adirondack Marathon.  I began running in 2005 due to a lower back problem that almost required surgery.  I ran my first marathon in 2006 and around mile 21 thought that running a marathon was the craziest thing someone could do.  I didn’t run another one for 3 years until I ran the 2009 NYC Marathon.  I’ve run over 60 marathons including 10 ultra marathons.  I love meeting and talking to other avid runners who don’t just look at me like I’m crazy when I talk about running.  I also love helping runners achieve their goals.  I look forward to meeting everyone!”

Paul Kentor 3:45 Pace

Welcome to my pace group! After signing up for the occasional half to stay in shape almost 10 years ago, I slowly discovered through injury and experience that 26.2 is double the distance but more than double the fun. I’m here for advice, distractions, pacing, motivation – you name it – to help you achieve your best possible race! I’ve completed about 60 marathons, having paced about 20 of them. I will do my best to ensure you have as good an experience as I have.

Otto Lam 4:00 Pace Wayne, NJ

Hello runners, this is Otto Lam from Wayne, NJ again! Yeah, I can’t believe this will be my 7th year pacing the Adirondack Marathon! I keep coming back each year because the Adirondack Marathon is one of my favorite marathons. Yes, the course is challenging, but the wonderful spectators and volunteers along the beautiful course will keep you going strong. Not to mention, the ice cream and cookies at the finish will make you run even faster! My pacing strategy for the Adirondack Marathon is to run an even effort race, which means we will go slightly slower at uphills, and we will pick up our pace at the downhills, and we will slow down slightly at each water station to stay hydrated, and of course, we will have a lot of fun along the way. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions. Good luck with your training. I’m looking forward to sharing this beautiful course with you!

Rick Morris 4:00 Salisbury, VT

Hi…I’m Rick Morris from Salisbury Vermont. A “few” years ago I decided to take on the challenge of completing my first marathon in Burlington Vermont, wanting to do just one in my lifetime and definitely before turning forty. I never realized that it would change my life for the better…forever. Now my wife and I are on a lifelong quest, traveling across the countryside completing at least one marathon in every state and continent. We still have a ways to go, but as they say…”the journey is half the fun”! Like life running a marathon has its ups and downs, but with running you get the chance to complete something great within a “short time”.

Matt Wisner 4:15 Pace

Hi runners, my name is Matt and I will be pacing the 4:15 group at the 2019 Adirondack Marathon. Growing up I mostly played soccer and ran just to stay in shape.  It wasn’t until I ran a 5k in my 20s and caught the running bug and was really hooked after that. Since then I’ve completed races from 1 to 100 miles, including pacing numerous half and full marathons.


Kristen Lundy 4:15 Pace

I am a scientist with a running problem.  I’ve paced several half and full marathons and raced every distance from 5K to 100 milers, completing over 40 marathons, multiple 50 milers, 100K and 100 milers.  I love helping others achieve their fitness goals and if you are looking to run a steady pace or perhaps finish your first marathon, come run with me!

Bill Hoffman 4:30 Albany, NY

Bill Hoffman blogs as barefoot Bill for the Albany Times Union.  Bill is a Born to Run (BTR) inspired runner.  In 2010 after reading BTR, he picked up some Vibram Five Fingers and started to run.  He has since run numerous marathons and ultras including qualifying for Boston and running the 2013 Boston Marathon.  He will be pacing the 4:30 group while demonstrating his barefoot technique!


Steven  Scicutella  4:30 Long Island

I own and operate a landscaping company on Long Island, New York; I enjoy working in the field with flowers, plants, trees, and grass: it is truly a blessing to work on earth beautification. I currently serve in our local parish as a Eucharistic Minister and a Religious Instructor. I am an athlete and compete in a multitude of events; I am a five-time Ironman and just recently completed the TGNY Manhattan Ultra Run. I enjoy writing poetry and playing classical guitar. I am an author with four published poetry books relating to nature and spirituality. I have an AS and a BT in Ornamental Horticulture from Farmingdale State University. I also have a Master of Business Administration in Leadership, and a master’s in management and Leadership from Liberty University in Virginia. I am currently enrolled DBA Program at Walden University, where I have now completed my classes and am currently working on my Doctoral Studies.

Leah Christensen 4:45 Pace

I’m pacer Leah, elementary art/physical education teacher, mom of four and trail runner at heart! I’ve paced several 1/2 and full marathons, and raced every distance from 5k to 100 milers.  I love helping others achieve their fitness goals and if you are looking to run a steady pace or perhaps finish your very first marathon, come run with me!  


Thomas Wong 4:45 Pace

I’m your 4:45 pace group co-leader for the Adirondack Marathon. Running, especially long distance running, is a lifestyle for me. It is not an exercise nor a workout, but a mindset that sets you free from the mechanics of running to the freedom of being out on the road with your fellow runners. Brace yourself for a great 26.2 miles journey!!!


Rich Loud 4:45 Pace

Hi, I’m Rich Loud.  I ran my first marathon in Burlington, VT in 2010 thinking it was going to be a “one and done.”  A month later I found myself searching for another… then another.  I’ve now completed thirty one marathons and ultra-marathons including the Boston to Big Sur Challenge this Spring and the Vermont 100 this summer. Helping others reach their racing goals is one of the most rewarding aspects of running and I’m excited to help you reach yours. When I’m not running, I’m an engineer specializing in industrial noise control.  Think about that for a minute.


Patricia Clark 5:00 Pace Worcester, MA

Patricia Clark has run over 70 marathons including 10 Bostons. She was at mile 25.8 of the 2013 Boston Marathon when the bombing occurred. She has a marathon PR of 3:40. She is a regular pace leader for the Hartford Marathon or half marathon, depending on her schedule, and has also paced the Manchester City Marathon. This is her eighth Adirondack Marathon. Her first year she ran it as a training run in 4:11, placing first in the senior division and since then has been a Pace Bear.  She is the mother of eight kids, most of whom are fast runners. When asked, she will explain that she runs marathons to escape the laundry room at home!

Adrienne Voung – 5:15 Pace

Adrienne has completed over 20 marathons and half marathons as well as some 50 and 100Ks. Aside from running, she enjoys cooking, gardening and rock climbing. Each one of us run for a different reason(s) but the outcome is the same, it bonds us all.  Every time she gets to run with friends — whether it is a half, a full, or an ultra-marathon — she feel really blessed & inspired.  She loves the purity of this sport and the friendships that are built on the course.  She also enjoys helping others reach their goals of crossing the finish line, as it still gives her the BEST high in the world each time. Everyone should experience and feel the ‘finish line high’ and achieve this goal at least once in their life time.  She is grateful to be able to be a part of someone else’s accomplishment.  It brings her joy to help runners get to the finish line, and enjoy every step of the journey!

Jo Blackmore 5:30 Pace United Kingdom

I’m originally from the UK. I moved here in 1999 after working as a fitness instructor on cruise ships. I’ve been running on & off since high school, but had always thought about running the London marathon. Given my new location, New York marathon was a fabulous substitute! To date I’ve run 25 marathons & 68 half marathons, along with 11 Ragnar Relays.  I’ve been pacing for 6 years now & I absolutely love it. I usually have my Union Jack attached to my pacer sign, so be sure to look out for me!

Stephanie Ruzicka 5:30 Pace Florham Park, NY

Hi Everyone!   My name is Stephanie Ruzicka and I will be pacing the 5:30 marathon.  I am very excited and honored to be pacing this race! There is nothing I love more than helping others accomplish a goal they have worked so hard for.  If you run with me you can be sure I will be putting my entire heart and soul into your run!   I am a seasoned runner who has paced both full and half marathons as well as run races ranging from 5Ks to 100 milers.  I run anywhere from 30 to 40 events per year.  I love to challenge myself to new events and push hard to do the best I can and you can expect me to do that for you as well while having fun!  If you have any questions you can contact me at .