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Adirondack Marathon
The Beauty of the Course Demands Payment: It Comes By Way of Hills.

This sleeper of a marathon is definitely worth checking out. We should warn you, though: it is very hilly. Here’s a quick look at the start of the article from Marathon & Beyond:


The upper right-hand corner of New York State that borders Vermont to the east and Canada to the north, known as the Adirondack region, is fast becoming synonymous with world-class sporting events.

One of the more famous locales in the region is Lake Placid, which holds the distinction of being one of only two sites in the world to host two winter Olympics: in 1930 and 1980. Anyone remember Sonja Henie? Her skates are on display at the Olympic museum. Lake Placid was also chosen as the site for the July 2000 Ironman Triathlon.

If you enjoy water sports, there are nearly 2,500 lakes and ponds and more than 30,000 miles of rivers and streams to swim in, fish in, and toot around in on vintage wooden lake cruisers.

If it’s history that gets your juices flowing, trek up to Fort Ticonderoga, which is 20 miles north of Schroon Lake, steeped in importance to the outcomes of both the Revolutionary and French-American wars.

Antiques buff? The area holds much of interest for you, too, including plenty of rustic bric-a-brac and pine or white birch furniture with which to furnish the biggest, cutest cabin on Lake George.

But if running marathons is your thing, sign up for the Adirondack Marathon and get ready for a tough but rewarding 26.2-mile run around Schroon Lake during the fall foliage when the scenery is at its peak and the cool weather is ideal for long-distance runs.

Held on the fourth Sunday in September, this fledgling marathon draws runners from the Adirondack region, Canada, New England, and New Jersey. For the 2000 edition, runners from Montana and Minnesota also participated, lured by the rustic, woodsy setting. In fact, each year the race draws a more diverse geographic crowd as its reputation as a tough course combined with its natural beauty and abundant hospitality spreads throughout the running world. The field holds relatively steady at 400 runners.