Half Marathon Pace Bears

Dave Walker … 2:00

After some triathlons and running in his early 20’s, Dave switched to cycling because of ongoing knee pain. In 2010 he read Chris McDougall’s “Born to Run” and tried running again with a different stride. He hasn’t looked back since. He’s completed more than 65 marathons and ultras, and is a pacer for the New York City Marathon, and the New York Road Runners half marathons. He runs with friends in New York known as the “Junk Yard Dogs” and with the POLSKA Running Team for NYRR races. His goal as a pacer is to help you achieve your time goal, and keep you entertained to make the time go by. He isn’t the fastest runner, but always has the best time


Olivia Lam … 2:15

Hello fellow runner! My name is Olivia and I am so excited to pace the Adirondack Half Marathon again after a year-long delay. As a junior in high school, life can get pretty busy and when I feel stressed, running is my time to heal. In the past, I have completed numerous half marathons including the New Jersey Half Marathon, the Baltimore Half Marathon, and the Philadelphia Half Marathon. In addition to that, I have consistently finished on time for the races that I paced. Although I’m stating the obvious, my favorite part about running is the pacing! I love talking to runners and keeping everyone motivated during a race. Please don’t hesitate to approach me with questions (my email is olivialam@live.com) and on race day, let’s run together! See you then!


Louisa Lam … 2:30

Hi, my name is Louisa. I am from Wayne, NJ. I have completed 32 half marathons, 28 marathons, and 2 ultra-marathons. I have paced many half marathons and marathons in the past few years and I enjoy pacing very much. As a pacer, my goal is to maintain a consistent pace and get you to the finish within the goal time.  I will be your best cheerleader and will do whatever it takes to help you cross the finish line. When I am not running, I enjoy spending time with my husband and children at home. Be prepared, you’ll have so much fun running with me that you’ll develop an addiction to running!!! Please feel free to contact me if you have any question louisafailam@hotmail.com. See you very soon!