Could You Run a 4.4 Mile Marathon?

July 28, 2018


Have you ever said, “I’d love to run a Marathon if they just weren’t so darn long”? If you have and you can think of at least three other people your pretty sure they’ve thought the same thing, give them a call and sign up for the Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival 4-Person relay. Not only will you get to create a cool team name like We Wine But We Run, We Thought This Was a Pub Crawl and my personal favorite, 2 Turtles & 2 Hares, but you’ll be able to experience one of the best marathons in America.

When you’re considering who those other three runners you should call would be, consider the following legs of the Relay

Leg 1 – Start Line to Mile 4.4

The team member that runs this leg should be a quick starter who thrives on the excitement of coming off the start line and establishing a place in the field that their teammates can build on. After leaving the start line, you’ll pass through the village of Schroon Lake past the businesses, homes and Schroon Lake Central School that line the streets of our community. The road then ebbs and flows for the next couple of miles (+/- 100 ft in elevation) before making the turn to head east toward the first water station. The next two miles are relatively flat with a couple of turns through this wooded section of the course before crossing the timing mat at the 4.4 mile marker where you’ll “pass the baton” to your team mate.

Leg 2 – Mile 4.4 to Mile 13.1

Given its length and rise in elevation, this section of the course is designed for the team member that thrives on a challenge. Over the next 8.7 miles leading up to the halfway mark in the Village of Adirondack, this section will test the mental and physical stamina of the runner of this leg. After an initial and almost immediate elevational rise of almost 300 ft, the course will then decline almost the same 300 ft before rising and falling in 70-100 ft sections over the course of the nearly nine miles of this leg. After a steep rise, the runner of this leg will coast down the hill into the Village of Adirondack where the Half Marathoners will start their race. Although this section will challenge the runner with its “rise and falls”, it is through a wooded section of the course allowing the runner to remain in shaded areas throughout the leg.

Leg 3 – Mile 13.1 to Mile 18.2

This portion of the course is perfect for the runner that enjoys a level and scenic run through along one of the most beautiful roadways in the Adirondacks. During the just over five miles that this team mate will run, they may join those running the Half-Marathon in Adirondack and will head south with Schroon Lake on their right side. After heading south to the end of the Lake, you’ll turn right towards Pottersville and then right again heading north towards Schroon Lake and the finish line.

Leg 4 – Mile 18.2 to Finish Line!

The last leg is not only the 2nd longest section but is also probably the 2nd most difficult given the combination of the distance, a couple of 100-foot elevation changes and the energy to finish strong. You’ll be cheered on by any number of groups along the way and, as you start to come into the town area, the adrenaline will start to kick into overdrive. When you start to hear the drum beat, see the town folk cheering you on, then you’ll make that right turn at the Congregational Church, see the finish line and your whole team will have accomplished your goal.

Now that you have a better idea of the course, are thinking about which of your friends should join you for which of the sections, and even starting to narrow down your team name, all that’s left to do is register. Simply log on to, click on the Register Now button and select the 4 Person Relay option ($240 for the entire team!). We’ll see you on the course!

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