2016 Pace Bear Team

August 28, 2016


The Pace Bears cordially invite you to meet your marathon goals with the help of their Adirondack backwoods experience. Whether you are aiming for a 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15, or 5:30 finish, these bears are fully carbo loaded and ready to help you. Stop by the Expo to sign up, or feel free to join your preferred Bear at the start or anytime during the marathon.

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Christopher Patterson (Rochester, NY) 3:30 pace group
Christopher Patterson started running in high school and continued running cross-country and track for Nazareth College, a Division III School, in Rochester, NY. Since graduating in 2007, he has continued his love of running which culminated in him running his first marathon in the fall of 2010 (Wineglass in Corning, NY). Since then, he has run 21 road marathons (and counting), qualifying for and running Boston each year, with a personal best of 2:51 in 2016.
In 2013, after helping pace a friend in a marathon, he found he received as much satisfaction out of helping others achieve their goals as he did in achieving his own. Along with pacing countless marathons and half-marathons around the United States, he is a volunteer assistant coach for the distance training program at Medved Running and Walking Outfitters in Rochester.

In March 2016, he received his professional coaching certification from the Road Runners Club of America and is Owner and Lead Running Coach of Apex Performance Running, LLC.
This is the first time Chris is running the Adirondack Marathon. He is looking forward to co-pacing the 3:30 group with Wayne Pacconi and guiding you to an even-effort race!

Wayne Pacconi 3:30 pace group
I am looking forward to pacing the 3:30 group at the Adirondack Marathon! I love giving back to the running community that I care so much about! I have come to realize that it is much more rewarding to help others reach their goals than it often is in reaching my own. To help people achieve what they didn’t think was possible and help them grow is priceless! Being there and a part of something that many people feel is so emotional is exceptionally rewarding! My pace group no matter how fast we are going is the party pace! We will hoot and holler, laugh and joke our way to the finish line. When we are done you’ll want to turn around and run back to the start to do it again because it was so much fun! Trust in yourself and your training! Keep moving forward and we will get there together!

Francesca DeLucia (New York, NY) 3:45 pace group
As a native of Troy, New York, I am excited to return upstate to lead the 3:45 pace group at the Adirondack Marathon. While living in China, I ran the 2011 Great Wall Half Marathon as my first ever “road” race. What started as a bet turned into an addiction and I’ve since ran numerous full and half marathons, including qualifying for Boston in my first marathon. I led a training group for the 2013 NYC Marathon and I’ve paced a couple of half marathons. I concentrated on helping other runners reach their goals while having lots of fun along the way. Given my motto “I run to eat cake”, I may continue past the finish line and run to the nearest bakery!

Paul DeNunzio 3:45 pace group
Hi my name is Paul DeNunzio! I am an experienced marathon runner, an endurance athlete with multiple ultras run, a daily runner of at least one mile for almost the past 5 years and an experienced marathon pacer. When I am not running I am cycling so I’m always on the move. I cherish the opportunity to run with you at the Adirondack Marathon. That’s why I am very excited to be pacing in the 3:45 pace group. It will be an honor to get you to the finish line with a Boston Qualifier, a personal record or a first time marathon experience.
“Enjoy the journey, Namaste” – Pauly

Otto Lam (Wayne, NJ) 4:00 pace group
Hello runners! I’m Otto Lam from Wayne, NJ. I’m honored to pace the Adirondack Marathon for the 4rd consecutive year. I have completed over a hundred marathons/ultra-marathons with a PR of 3:08, and I have paced many marathons, including the New York City Marathon. However, the Adirondack Marathon remains one of my favorite marathons because of the challenging yet beautiful course around Schroon Lake, and of course, the ice cream and cookies at the finish! My pacing strategy at the Adirondack Marathon is to run an even effort race, which means we will go slightly slower at uphills, and we will pick up our pace at the downhills, and we will slow down slightly at each water station to re-hydrate ourselves. I’m very excited to run this beautiful course with you, and I hope you will enjoy your race and finish ahead of me! Good luck with your training and please don’t hesitate to email me at ottolam@hotmail.com

Rick Morris (Salisbury, VT) 4:15 pace group
Also shown: Karen Morris 4:45 Pacer!
Hi…I’m Rick Morris from Salisbury Vermont. A “few” years ago I decided to take on the challenge of completing my first marathon in Burlington Vermont, wanting to do just one in my lifetime and definitely before turning forty. I never realized that it would change my life for the better…forever. Now my wife and I are on a lifelong quest, traveling across the countryside completing at least one marathon in every state and continent. We still have a ways to go, but as they say…”the journey is half the fun”! Like life running a marathon has its ups and downs, but with running you get the chance to complete something great within a “short time” and the ability to share with others the excitement that goes with it. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the starting line.

Karolina Fucikova (Milford, NH) 4:15 pace group
I have never been good at sports and am embarrassingly uncoordinated and clumsy, but I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. I started running to get in better shape about ten years ago and in 2010 I moved from 5k’s to half marathons and marathons, and even triathlons. Since then I’ve completed 16 road marathons, two trail marathon, and numerous half marathons on both trail and road. My personal best is 3:23 for full and 1:32 for half. I have paced the Adirondack Marathon three times so far (4:45, 4:15 and 4:00 finishing times) and I greatly enjoy pretty much everything about it – the views, the challenge and especially the people, spectators and runners alike. This year I plan on finishing at the 4:15 mark again and I look forward to helping you get to the finish line! Other than that, I have a PhD in Biology, an energetic Labrador retriever, and love dumpster diving, knitting, Xena the Warrior Princess, and kale.

Steven Lee (New York, NY) 4:15 pace group
The above picture was taken during the Antarctica Marathon on March 10, 2015 at King Geroge Island. I begin my running journey after 2001 and my first marathon was 2006 NYC marathon. I have currently run over 100 marathons + ultras and a few tris including 2 Ironmans, all over the US and the world. My marathon personal best is 3:08 and I enjoy running and pacing as they are so rewarding. When I’m not running, I enjoy biking and swimming. Please come and run with me. If you have any questions, email me steventlee@yahoo.com.

JC Santa Teresa (New York, NY) 4:30 pace group
JC is not only a fifty state marathon finisher, but also has 7 continents to his credit. By race time he will have over 150 marathons to his credit. Pacing is important to him because he enjoys helping other runners achieve their goals.

Patricia Clark (Worcester, MA) 4:30 pace group
Patricia Clark has run over 70 marathons including 10 Bostons. She was at mile 25.8 of the 2013 Boston Marathon when the bombing occurred. She has a marathon PR of 3:40. She is a regular pace leader for the Hartford Marathon or half marathon, depending on her schedule, and has also paced the Manchester City Marathon. This is her sixth Adirondack Marathon. Her first year she ran it as a training run in 4:11, placing first in the senior division and last year she was also a 4:30 Pace Bear. She is the mother of eight kids, most of whom are fast runners. When asked, she will explain that she runs marathons to escape the laundry room at home!

4:45 Pace Group
Karen Morris (left; Bristol, VT)
Laura Clark, Pace Bear Mom (Saratoga, NY)
Elaine Acosta (NJ)
Tom O’Reilly (NJ)
Michelle Perlee (right; Salisbury, VT)

Hi we’re Michelle and Karen. We travel together having “fun” by running 26.2 miles throughout the year. In 20014 we completed 6 marathons together and the Disney’s Goofy Challenge (1/2 marathon on Saturday, (full on Sunday) in January. This is a picture of us finishing the Adirondack Distance Festival Marathon. Looking forward to helping you meet your goal.

Hi guys! My name is Elaine and my boyfriend’s name is Tom. I have participated in almost 100 races in distances ranging from 800 meters to 100 miles. 2016 has been an amazing adventure so far. We plan to help you reach your goal in Schroon Lake and have fun!

Debbie Tirrito (Vermont) 5:00 pace group
I am a native Vermonter and have worked for IBM in various capacities and as a registered nurse. I have two sons and eight grandchildren. I enjoy many sports and am a professional triathlete and TEAM USA member in the Duathlon. This year I have paced the 5:30 group at the Vermont City Marathon and have just completed the Celtic Traverse 6 day trail run in Ireland. In August I am heading for the Transrockies 6 day trail race and also plan to bike in Vermont’s Green Mountain Stage Cycling Race in September. In the winter I enjoy snowshoeing and am a Tubbs Snowshoe sponsored athlete.
I look forward to meeting each of you in September and helping you achieve your goal!

Elizabeth Silenzi (Pfluger) (Poughkeepsie, NY) 5:00 pace group
Hi, My name is Elizabeth – I am from Poughkeepsie, NY – I am really looking forward to being a Pace Bear for the Adirondack Marathon!! I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist in Valhalla, NY. I have loved running for as long as I can remember and started running more competitively since 2008 – this will be my tenth Marathon. This experience is a great opportunity to support and motivate others in running towards their goal!!!

John Carboni (Troy, NY) 5:15 pace group
I am a runner in my sixties with over 60 marathons completed. I also have some surgically repaired parts ( hip 2014). I retired 3 years ago after working as a firefighter / paramedic for 32 years with the city of Troy NY. I enjoy talking about pretty much anything while running. I am familiar with this course having run it a few times. Last year my pace, in this event was within a minute of our goal. This is a beautiful course at the best time of the year to run a marathon. I am looking forward to it!

Jo Blackmore (UK) 5:15 pace group
I’m originally from the UK. I moved here in 1999 after working as a fitness instructor on cruise ships.
I’ve been running on & off since high school,but had always thought about running the London marathon. Given my new location, New York marathon was a fabulous substitute! To date I’ve run 15 marathons & somewhere around 35 half marathons,along with 11 Ragnar Relays.
I’ve been pacing for 3 years now & I absolutely love it. I usually have my Union Jack attached to my pacer sign, so be sure to look out for me!

Stephanie Ruzicka 5:30 pace group
Hi Everyone! My name is Stephanie Ruzicka and I will be pacing the 5:30 marathon. I am very excited and honored to be pacing this race! There is nothing I love more than helping others accomplish a goal they have worked so hard for. If you run with me you can be sure I will be putting my entire heart and soul into your run! I am a seasoned runner who has paced both full and half marathons as well as run races ranging from 5Ks to 100 miles. I run anywhere from 30 to 40 events per year. I love to challenge myself to new events and push hard to do the best I can and you can expect me to do that for you as well while having fun! If you have any questions you can contact me at sruzicka@optonline.net.

Fred Dunaway (Westville, NY) 5:30 pace group
Fred Dunaway is a long term runner who fully believes endurance events are a celebration of all of the training, hard work and sacrifice that it took just to get to the start line. Everyone at the start line is already a winner and the actual race results are icing on the cake.
My running career has 27 full marathons and countless half marathons. My fastest ever was 3:44 on a very flat course when I was 18. Last year’s Empire Marathon in Syracuse was an astounding 4:18. I will be celebrating my 55th birthday by running the full marathon at Lake Placid for number 28 and the 6th time I’ve been around that course. I try to get in four marathons a year after taking a few years away from the sport (30 to be exact).
Staying in top shape is a year round lifestyle for me. One of the purposes of running is to stay in shape for cross country skiing and the purpose of cross country skiing is to stay in shape for running. I’ve competed in the 54k American Birkebeiner classical, North America’s largest cross country ski marathon, four times, including an elite wave start. One of my life long goals is to complete my 80th marathon as close to my 80th birthday as possible.

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